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​Magic Redefined fuses the old caliber of magic with the new prestige. Gabriel's style, mixed with humor and suspense flawlessly executed illusions; romantic choreography all delivered carefully to a selected backdrop of music make this a show you do not want to miss.


Gabriel premiered his well-known romantic double levitation on NBC, which was hailed as one the greatest illusions of the year. During this illusion, Gabriel levitates himself next to his assistant, who is also suspended 12 feet in mid-air. Today, John continues to study the art of magic and devotes countless hours perfecting his craft. Adding different elements to each of his pieces.


Few are aware that John is a history buff of magic. His knowledge of magic's past boosts his ability and creativity on stage. His familiarity with the "Greats" of the past is demonstrated in his grand finale, which will literally keep you on the edge of your seat. A fresh dazzling and suspenseful show that engages audiences on many levels. It is powerful magic indeed and audiences all over the world are awed by the ability to see it in person and be a part of it.

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