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                                                                                *Audience Reviews*


-John Gabriel is an illusionist. Did many fascinating things, unreal. Great show included audience

participation, humor, dance, etc. Elaborate set ups for many of the tricks. Enjoyed.

-good show, good price, good everything!! fun for the whole family.. =)

-John gives a fascinating performance that entertains all from children to grownups.


-I liked the fact that he involved the audience in most of his acts.

-awesome show! John is engaging and funny. I like how he gets the audience involved in the show.

-A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with family. Intimate and full of surprises.

-I am an amateur magician and have attended the Magic Castle several times. John Gabriel was

just as good as any that I have seen at the Magic Castle. To sum it up in one word - SUPERB!

-The Theatre was neat and clean. Very compact theatre, good for the show which was entertaining,

John Gabriel carried it well!

-Good amounts of magic. If you're a magician (amateur or pro), you'll enjoy this show; John displays his showmanship skills and makes sure every audience member gets a good look.

-It was close up front and personable. We had a very good time.

-John Gabriel is truly a professional. He did a large variety of illusions that will simply amaze you and yet all with good humor. Don't miss this. If you enjoy magic shows you will love it. Even if you don't, come anyway. It was highly entertaining......

-Great family show.

-Incredible magic in a very close and personal setting. Very entertaining and out of this world magic. Wish it was longer.

-I like how he choreographed the music with the magic, he was funny, had a lot of audience participation.

-This was the second show I attended and it was just as good as the first time I went we took three others with us and they loved it!! We were there for his last show and he got a standing ovation, his show was amazingI would definitely see him again!!

-The show was very enjoyable.

-This was a great performance and I really enjoyed the show. I would recommend this show to everyone, from kids to seniors. It was much better than I had even expected.

-John Gabriel's show, Magic Redefined was absolutely amazing. We can't stop asking, "How did he do that?" It was great to experience a fun show that all of our family can enjoy. The show was huge. The lighting and special effects were very professional and the props were first-class. We loved it.

-I took my 2 grandson to see the show for Easter. We all Loved it. Little Jack said Some people are just born Magic!!!"

-Truly amazing, I had a great time!

- Gabriel Rocks!

-The show was Fabulous! It kept my whole family, from ages 2 to 50 amazed.

-Outstanding performance. John Gabriel's magic was first class.

 We are impressed by his work!

 There were children in the audience, but the show was so enthralling that all we heard, from

  the kids was "Wow! How did he do that!" Take advantage of the chance to see John Gabriel,

  at such a great price.

-great show....we took our 6 year old and he was enthralled...very cool.

-good time and great show for all.

-I love John's performance. My 2 kids enjoyed the show too. A lot of audience involvement.

 He's a very hardworking magician.


-Show was lots of fun!

-Really good show for the money - I wasn't expecting

-My wife and I had a fun time and the magic was great! You'll be amazed.

-great performance, good comedy!

-One of the BEST acts that I've seen in quite some time!! NOT TO BE MISSED!! Every seat in the house is a great seat in this venue. Even though you seem to be close enough to "see" everything that is going on, you will leave scratching your head in wonderment and saying, "How did he do that?"

-i went here for my b-day with a large group of friends.. it was so fun.. totally worth it!!

-I found it very entertaining.

My husband and I took our two kids, ages 3 & 7...the kids enjoyed it, my 3 year old actually sat through the whole show which was great!!! John Gabriel is great...He's got great charm!! I advise everyone to go and see his show...

-John Gabriel's a charismatic magician, and the close confines of the theater make for an engaging show w/ a personal feel.

-Gabriel draws the audience in with participation, keeps the enthusiasm level high throughout the show, and really shines with his patter. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

-My husband and I had a great time. The magic was amazing!! John Gabriel's show was very entertaining.

-Very good solid entertaining show in a very warm nice venue.

-John Gabriel is an extremely talented magician. I volunteered to help him with one of his illusions just so I could get a close-up look to see how he accomplished it. Even while holding the prop in my hand, I could not detect any way he could move the object (no strings, no invisible floor, etc). He is truly amazing. A must see performance.


-Everyone from the On-call ticket giver to the ushers were very pleasant.

The theatre itself is well kept and in perfect order. Plenty of parking available

for attendees.

-Brilliant, great entertainment!!!

-Great entertainment for a good cause.


-My husband Arthur, my daughter Zimmery & I bought last minute tickets

to the show because Zimmery is deaf and we thought that this would be

a good visual show for her. We all really enjoyed the show.

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